Client Love

“Susannah, I’m officially obsessed with the photos you took of us. I love them so much!! We look so happy! I never have those moments captured with my kids. I am so so so thankful for you. It’s what makes this whole motherhood thing worthwhile – seeing smiling faces from your kids in photos! I think this is the best picture of me and the kids that ever was in the history of pictures. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
– Lindsey White

“Susannah is amazing! I recently had 3 photoshoots with 3 different photographers in 2 months, and she is by far as the best! Not only does she make you feel absolutely incredible before, during, and after the shoot, but her pictures are exceptional. She is truly a professional, unlike a lot of these so-called photographers that just show up with a camera and without a real clue of what to do, who rush you through some basic pictures. Her photoshop skills are great as well. She communicates a ton with you before the shoot to ensure you get what you want which was so appreciated and helpful. And she also communicates with you a lot afterwards and works hard to tweak any pictures you would like. You’re not just another client to her. She’s the only photographer I will use now. I highly recommend her to everyone I know!”
– Kelly Norris

“Our boudoir session was so much fun! Susannah helps you pose for what works for your body, which I personally love because I always need help with posing! She also makes the session exciting – we chatted the entire time and there was not a single difficult or awkward moment, even though I was in very little clothing and thought it would be much harder than it was. She has such an embracing personality you can’t help but love her! So excited to give these beautiful images to my husband!”
– Gisselle Roberts

“Love working with you Susannah! You always know how to make the kids cooperate, smile, and pose. The pictures are always amazing and natural looking, even when posed! We just love working with you, and the end product is always wonderful!”
– Jessica Atwell

“Susannah, we’re in love with our giant canvases that adorn our walls from our family session. As you know, we’re in the process of selling our house. Our realtor didn’t ask us to take our family photos down. She said she usually would, but our photos are a work of art.”
– Lisa Faubion

“I cannot stop looking at these pictures. They are AMAZING!!!!!! I love love love them!! I havent stopped scrolling through them over and over again. And my mom is amazed at the images of her too, since she wasnt dressed or ready for a photoshoot, what you captured of her and my kids on the fly is just wonderful!! ”
– Allison Mullaney

“Susannah! I LOVE them! These are so gorgeous! You are truly talented. I have starred almost the whole gallery as favorites. I can’t even express how much I am in love with these pictures. Thank you again so very much!! xoxo”
– Mindy Underwood

“Susannah is THE BEST!!!! We got 19 people from 3 different families, coming from 3 different continents together, and we were done in 30 minutes!!!! Typically photo shoots are a nightmare… not with this pro!!!”
– Tony Heinz

Melissa Taylor

“My husband’s expression when I showed him the photo of he and my daughter was priceless. He was speechless. And honestly, I have only seen a few things/photos affect Brian the way that picture did. I honestly thought he was going to cry for a minute.. only he doesn’t cry, so seriously, after such a long silence, all he could say was, “wow.” Honestly to capture joy and love the way you do is truly a talent and gift. I can’t stop looking at these photos, they make me so happy! You are amazing!!!”
– Melissa Taylor

Courtney Gonzales

“The first picture you ever took of me and my sweet baby Jon, I felt miserable: I hadn’t showered in days because of screaming kids, I had no makeup on, and I really thought I looked horrible. Because the shoot was for my newborn, I hadn’t gotten ready. Somehow, you convinced me to be in a few shots, and I’m eternally grateful that you did. The image you took of me and Jon together is an absolutely beautiful picture that I treasure immensely.”
– Courtney Gonzales


“Susannah Dowell Photography, you are amazing! You are wonderful to work with, and I loved that you had an awesome plan for our photoshoot (and a printed shot list for pose ideas!) before we even started, due to how young our kids are. By the end of the shoot, my 4 year old, Norah, was holding Susannah’s hand! I highly recommend her service. We had a great time and the images are fantastic. Thanks again, Susannah. You are a rockstar and you know how important these pictures are to me!”
– Anna Burns

Kathleen Mara at Susannah Dowell Photography

“Susannah, during our recent photo shoot, you made us feel so much at ease that the session felt more like quality family time playing and exploring in the park than anything else! The moments that were captured were exactly what we had hoped to elicit from a professional photo shoot – this is evident even from only the handful of photos we have seen thus far. The gentle direction you provided, and the atmosphere you created, shaped the entire experience allowing you to capture intimate family moments of pure joy (along with elusive toddler smiles – WITH direct eye contact – yay!) without affecting our family dynamics. Thank you. We cannot wait to see what else you have to show us, and well done!”
– Kathleen Mara

Kristi & Lance Hallum at Susannah Dowell Photography

“Thank you so much for capturing our sweet girl! Susannah, you did a fantastic job. We adore these images. I have tears in my eyes looking at these, they’re are just so precious! You are amazing at what you do.”
– Kristi & Lance Hallum

Kathleen Lukowski at Susannah Dowell Photography

“Thank you, thank you, thank you Susannah Dowell for capturing the fun that was had, and for creating an atmosphere perfect for us Lukowskis all around! We have loved working with you! Because of you, happy family moments have been preserved in time. We cannot thank you enough. How we wish Colorado and Massachusetts were closer together!”
– Kathleen Lukowski

Viktoria Stull at Susannah Dowell Photography

“Susannah is not only an amazing and talented photographer, but also one of the kindest and most genuine people I have ever met. She truly loves doing photography and it shows in all of her work. I gave her very little notice about our session and no time to prepare and she still gave me the most beautiful shots of my daughter and I which she shot in literally 5 minutes. I didn’t even think that was possible, but it is with her, she works so quickly and is so enthusiastic! She works great with little kids as well. My daughter still talks about her and our mini session and how she wants to pose more for Miss Susannah. We have had so many positive comments on our pictures and how they should be in a magazine and how amazing and professional they are. We will have every single picture she took hanging on our walls. We highly recommend her! Thank you, Susannah!!”
– Viktoria Stull

“Susannah! I LOVE them. Thank you SO MUCH!!!!!!! These images are so beautiful! I’m so excited to finally have some gorgeous family pictures!! I can’t wait to print them and put them all over facebook!”
– Summer Williams

Tasha Sprovsoff at Susannah Dowell Photography

“Oh my gosh, I can’t say enough good things about these! This is my whole life captured right here in a second. I cannot wait to have them hanging all over my walls!”
– Tasha Sprovtsoff

Jill Werthman at Susannah Dowell Photography

“Thank you so much for my senior photography session! I had a great time shooting with you and absolutely love love love the pictures. Thank you for making me look and feel great!”
-Jill Werthman

Kari Mackey at Susannah Dowell Photography

“Susannah, you are an amazing photographer and photojournalist. We love the images you took of us and have gotten SO many comments on them! You have the natural ability to catch your subjects’ essence, soul, and the love that people share. Susannah, you’re awesome.”
-Kari Mackey

Natascha Leonardo at Susannah Dowell Photography

“These pictures are killing me!! You are so incredibly talented!! I think you are just so beyond amazing at photography. I literally can’t get over these images. I want them all blown up all over my house!! You captured SUCH good shots! I am in love with your work.”
-Natascha Leonardo

Robin Mackey at Susannah Dowell Photography

“Susannah’s work is amazing. She captures the most intimate moments, and her pictures tell a story. I highly recommend her!”
-Robin Mackey

Bobbie Contreras at Susannah Dowell Photography

“Thank you for the beautiful photographs of my son for his senior graduation photoshoot! I absolutely love every image — they are amazing!! You were somehow able to capture his beautiful and authentic smile — him being totally himself — which no other photographer has managed to do. They are absolutely the best pictures I have of him. I am so very grateful for these beautiful images, and I will treasure them always.”
-Bobbie Contreras

Sandy Ujfalusy at Susannah Dowell Photography

“Thank you, Susannah, for the wonderful headshots! You made being in front of the camera so much fun! Loved working with you!”
-Sandy Ujfalusy

Judy Elizabeth at Susannah Dowell Photography

“Susannah and Liz are wonderful! I booked with Susannah 3 days before our shoot. With little time to prepare, Liz was accessible through email and text to help coordinate outfits. The day of the shoot, we experienced very tough weather conditions, yet Susannah managed to move along quickly and capture lovely moments. They are artists and their final products are enchanting! I highly recommend susannah dowell photography if you’re looking to capture gorgeous photos.”
-Judy Elizabeth

Emily Bankhead at Susannah Dowell Photography

“Ladies, have to tell you how happy we are with our pics. They look amazing hanging throughout our house, and y’all are fantastic at what you do. We LOVE our photographs!”
-Emily Bankhead

Tawney Bains at Susannah Dowell Photography

“Susannah, I wanted to send you a note to let you know how much Zach and I CHERISH the photos you took of our family while we lived in Baltimore when Skylar had just arrived! It’s hard to believe, but she is 7 and a half, and we have a son, Owen, almost 5 years old. Thank you so much! If you EVER find yourself in Santa Monica/LA (we live in California now) let us know! We’d absolutely love to have more photos done by you. Hope you are well!”
-Tawney Bains

Samantha Briggs at Susannah Dowell Photography

“Absolutely the most unique, fun, and amazing photography experience!! From helping with outfits to hanging up the canvas, this sister team does it all.”
-Samantha Briggs

Diane Heinz at Susannah Dowell Photography

“We love love love our family photos. Susannah captured our true selves. She is incredibly fast at capturing these great images, which is perfect, having a 5 year old. Her team is awesome and helped me pick all our favorite photography out and locate where we wanted to hang our collection around my house. Highly recommend!”
-Diane Heinz

Lindsay Lock at Susannah Dowell Photography

“My entire family is completely obsessed with these images. They are all over my mom’s house. We LOVE them!”
-Lindsay Lock

Angie Long at Susannah Dowell Photography

“I just looked at the pictures. And OMG these are amazing! These are all so gorgeous! I literally can not believe this is my daughter! 🙂 She is shocked at how pretty they are. Her boyfriend is so funny when he looks at the pictures. He just stares at them.  He tells her all the time she is pretty and says now these photos prove it. You are an amazing photographer and I feel privileged to spread your name and work around here.”
-Angie Long

Lindsay Lock at Susannah Dowell Photography

“As a new mom with a new baby,  I now see the whole world in an entirely different light. Susannah captured the essence of motherhood and maternal love with this picture. I will forever be reminded of that life-changing, heart-bursting, monumental feeling of the day I became a mom to this little girl. When I look at this photo,  I am reminded of what a special time pregnancy was. I can’t wait for my daughter to cherish this collection for years to come.”
-Lindsay Lock

Robyn Abrams at Susannah Dowell Photography

“Working with Susannah was such a wonderful experience! She was so friendly and patient while working with my newborn baby girl. Both Susannah and Elizabeth did a great job setting the scene for making my baby look so sweet and beautiful. We love the images, and we will definitely be working with Susannah again!”
-Robyn Abrams

Eunice Pak at Susannah Dowell Photography

“I have been getting a lot of packages in the mail these days, but my most coveted one came today: photography from Susannah Dowell!! I have been so eagerly waiting for these images to don the walls of our brand new bistro… it’s been an awesome journey to get to the grand opening, truly because you have made it so fun and so easy to help us decorate the walls! (Even though it’s been SO hard to narrow down my choices). I want your photos to be a conversation starter for our patrons. Just adoring how interesting and beautiful they are. I want our patrons to say, “hey that image from Paris reminds me of..” Or, “I want to be there…” Or, “that makes me happy.” That’s what your art is about – it moves people and brings them somewhere else. I cannot wait for these amazingly beautiful pieces of beauty to don our walls. Thank you, thank you, thank you… for making this so special for us!! We are that much more excited about the grand opening knowing your images grace the walls!”
–Eunice Pak

Angie Long at Susannah Dowell Photography

“Our whole family fell madly in love with you after just spending a couple of hours with you during our family shoot. You are incredibly creative, thoughtful, and easy going. Susannah, you really are an amazing person and a phenomenal photographer. You captured us just how we are, enjoying the love we have for one another. We truly miss you since you’ve moved to Colorado!”
-Angie Long

Olivia Jackson at Susannah Dowell Photography

“I have never looked or felt so beautiful in all my life. This was an incredibly meaningful photo shoot for my husband and I; we were expecting our first son. The love, closeness, and special bond my husband and I felt at that time, Susannah was able to capture flawlessly and with great ease. The entire experience was wonderful. I will treasure these images always – they are very special to me and to our family. Many of them adorn the walls of our home and we look at them frequently with so much love in our hearts for that very magical time.”
-Olivia Jackson

Melissa and Johnny Wells at Susannah Dowell Photography

“THESE IMAGES ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!! I feel like a kid on Christmas! I am literally so excited. They have all turned out SO perfectly! I am IN LOVE with them all!! Thank you thank you for the session. We LOVE them!!”
-Melissa and Johnny Wells