Meet Susannah

About Susannah

Hello! I’m Susannah and I have loved photography from the moment I picked up my dad’s old film Nikon at age 11 and started photographing the lilies in the garden. Since then, I’ve had a lot of practice and experience, and my passion has blossomed into a career. I’ve been photographing my clients’ families since 2002 and have fine tuned my style into a photo documentary approach with a knack for great timing, an expert ability to compose and frame a scene into a photograph, and an ability to see the fine details that make your family unique. My favorite portrait work is made up of images that capture emotion and genuine moments happening in real time, in a way that doesn’t impede and is not staged.

Susannah’s Experience in the Field

I’ve been blessed with the most incredibly adventurous life so far. I am based out of Colorado Springs, CO, but have traveled all over the globe for my photography work. I started my career in photo journalism. I learned to photograph on-the-go, in the moment, and proudly, with our US soldiers. I covered President Obama during his inauguration with the White House Press Corps while working for CBS News in Washington, DC. I traveled with the Presidential Motorcade, speeding at 80 miles an hour throughout DC, from one location to the next while people watched from the sidewalks in awe. The morning after President Obama’s inauguration, he walked right up to me in the Green Room of the White House, saying, “it’s so nice to meet my media folks, the ones who will be taking care of me for the next few years. What’s your name?” I stumbled a bit, (what WAS my name, again?) but got it out.

This was about the time that I interviewed with National Geographic at their headquarters in DC. I sat down across the desk from the guy who produced David Attenborough’s “Planet Earth” series and was stared down by the six (!) Emmy Awards sitting on his desk in front of me. As it turned out, I didn’t deliver the reel of video he requested to assist the videographers at Nat Geo. Nor was I going to take care of Mr. Obama, as he indicated when asking my name. I left within several months for my assignment abroad living in England while traveling frequently all over Africa to cover US AFRICOM and NATO affairs. This job sent me throughout Africa for weeks at a time, covering US and African political and military engagements. I gained invaluable experience while in Africa – both working under serious political pressures as well as difficult environmental conditions. I’ve lived behind check points and armed military members in African hotels through some not so pleasant times during Ghadafi’s rule, and been served dinner by men donning AK-47s. I’m also proud to say that my images have been used in briefs to Congress to help continue funding for training programs of African military by US military. I’ll never forget the time I was in Morocco and received the phone call saying, “the 4-star General and Commander needs access to your images to brief Congress tomorrow!”

And now? The last year has been the most exciting time of my life to date: I got married, planted roots in Colorado with my wonderful husband whom I met while working in England. And we are new parents to a darling little boy! It’s a totally new chapter for me, a 180, a life changer! Parenthood is an entirely new ballgame, and I’m loving all of its complexities and simplicities. It’s been the happiest, most fulfilling time for me yet in life.

Susannah’s Philosophy

A portrait is more than just a snapshot – it is a key to treasuring memories for generations to come, and a window into the soul of those photographed. I want to capture your babies as they are, here and now.. their beautiful lashes, their smiles with the loose teeth, their last months at home before they go off to college. Family is so important – they are your greatest work of all. And I want to capture each and every one of you in beautiful light, and in places that have special meaning to you. My goal is to document the happiest times, showing the brilliant love each of you have for one another, and shooting in a photo documentary style that blends the real emotions as they happen in the beautiful surroundings without intrusion or staging.

Anyone has the ability to show up with expensive camera equipment for your photoshoot.. but the first days of life for your new baby, or your child’s first birthday will only happen one day, one time. I believe my unique experience with the military around the globe has given me a well trained eye and quick reflexes to capture these natural moments of interaction and love. And I believe one is either born (or not) with the ability to compose and frame a scene happening in real time, and turn it into art.  As a past client of mine stated, “Susannah was able to meticulously involve herself in the most important moments, and yet, we never noticed that she was there – that’s amazing!”

I strive to capture all of the wonderful things that make your family so special. It’s a responsibility, and an honor to record those moments that you will share with generations to come. I cannot wait to tell your family’s story!