: : a macro break is like a lunch break : :

It’s been raining forever here in colorado. And houses are washing away and parks are closed and maybe the sun will never come out again? What is the deal out here? I guess the ground doesnt absorb all the water in the desert like it does back east (which is funny because.. wouldn’t it be thirstier?).. and things just go colliding and crashing right off hills and mountain sides. Things like houses. Which is scary. I cant even explain it.. it’s been raining cats and dogs in a real nonsense kind of way for so long (weeks!) and I feel like it’s so different here that afterwards it will probably not rain again for years.

Anyway, I took the macro for a spin yesterday just to get some fresh air and get my eyeballs clean from editing all morning. I like this one of our new clematis plant, ready to bloom. He’s loving the rain, clearly. IMG_2227wIMG_2230w


: : 1 year cake smash : :

Q: What could be better than turning one?

A: Turning one and having a cake to eat and smash ALL. BY. YOURSELF.

We had such a blast with little Hayley Rae, who turned one last week! Look at those baby blue eyes. She was so excited about her cake, and like a true sweet little lady, even offered us some in the middle of her cake smash.